AgenXtech® offers a wide range of services.  From professional and discreet BETA testing of both hardware and software to our own custom designed products, AgenXtech® can assist your company in producing and releasing error free, bug free and fully compatible software and hardware.


AgenXtech® also offers a few in house software designed packages as well. From our free, no ad, full functionality releases to our free demos, feel free to download and try them out. Visit the download section to download a copy of our products.



Professional beta testing

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In today's market it is known that competition is stiff and getting worse.  The fight for the customers dollar or euro is a constant one and only the best products win that battle.   Products that are released with major game stopping bugs do not sell as many copies as those that are tested thoroughly.   Word of mouth can kill a title faster than any company can hope to release a patch that might fix these problems.  Don't let this happen to you.  Eliminate the worry about releasing a product that has a show stopping bug.  It is our guarantee! If we fail to find such a bug in your product, we will not charge you a dime for the work we put into the package.

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NEWs & updates




AgenXtech® will be soon releasing our FREE version of a new hard drive search tool, File Scan Toolkit®.   This revolutionary tool will take the pain out of searching for those files you need that you know are located somewhere on the 10 terabytes of drives you have hooked to your PC!  

Very simple to use, very small overhead and it allows you to continue working while it searches in the background.  But the most amazing part of this new tool is its speed!  Only limited by the speed of your hard drive and computer, our revolutionary search algorithms will shock you at how fast the search is.  No matter what kind of file you are looking for, File Scan Toolkit® will find it in record time.

File Scan Toolkit® is one part of our upcoming release, WMS V4.0® (Windows Management System V4.0®) which is based on the Best Selling WMS V3.0® (Workbench Management System V3.0®) that was released for the Amiga computer system.  Soon we will be releasing WMS V4.0 for the PC which will include an even more enhanced edition of File Scan Toolkit® plus a number of other helpful and needed Windows tools and utilities.  Stay tuned for more information!


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Grocery Lists & Cooking made Easy!


Cooking Planner Pro® is an easy to use cooking recipe planner and grocery list creation package all in one user friendly design.  Manage and create recipes and groceries with a few simple clicks.  Cooking Planner Pro® let's you concentrate on what you need to do in the kitchen - cook!  

Recipes can include images so you know what the meal or dish should look like.  Recipes can be viewed on screen or printed for easy reading.  The design of Cooking Planner Pro® allows you to easily share recipes with others even if they do not own Cooking Planner Pro®!    Additional features allow for easy category, item, measurements lists than can be easily edited to include your own needs as well as current pricing of ingredients and food or other items.



Creating a grocery list in Cooking Planner Pro® is as simple as clicking on an item, selecting a quantity and adding it to the easy to read list.  Cooking Planner Pro® will automatically add your items amounts and totals in the grocery list for you so you can watch your budget while shopping easily!

No recipe or cooking software would be complete without useful cooking tools either.  Built in cooking timers allow you to set the cooking time for a dish so you do not over cook or burn another meal again.  With both visual and audio notification of the timer, you can easily manage your time without having to constantly watch over the oven!



      just look at some of these features......


  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Manage recipes individually
  • Manage individual grocery lists
  • Edit and maintain item lists, amounts & descriptions
  • Add pictures to individual recipes and listings
  • 8 built in colors for you to select
  • Built in cooking timers you can set
  • Recipes and lists can be printed for easy viewing
  • Recipes can be shared even if another person does not own software
  • Comes with a myriad of recipes all included
  • Lists and items lists can be edited with your own items and prices
  • User friendly point and click interface

    and much, much more...


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two FREE utilities for gamers from AgenXtech!

at AgenXtech® , we are also avid gamers!  It is a great way to relieve stress and kill time when work gets to be a pain.  Because we are gamers ourselves, we have been working on a couple ideas to help make your life a little easier and more organized for your gaming pleasure!  Watch this space soon for information regarding the release of two new tools just for gamers!


The Gamers Toolkit® 

This is a tool that will help you not only organize your games on your hard-drives but all the patches, MODS, support files and even the URL links to the websites pertaining to each game!  If you are like us you have thousands of patches, MODS, and loose files all over the place.  Stored on CD's, DVD's, hard drives, and more.  Now you can store everything in one place fully organized, labeled and tied to the game in one nice package.  Plus our system even allows you to store images and/or digital download versions of the game itself for safe keeping.  Again all organized with the MODS and patches for that specific game!

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Keyboard Commander®

More and more these days games are becoming very detailed and extremely complex having numerous keyboard commands, options and key layouts.   Many games are not supplying keyboard layouts nor any real documentation to tell you easily what key does what.

We have designed our new Keyboard Commander to help you organize your keyboard commands and templates for ANY game!   Not only that, if the game you have does not have a template included or you change the default keyboard configuration, Keyboard Commander will allow you to recreate that exact command structure and then print out your own keyboard template to your exact specifications! 

No more having to print out sheets and sheets of paper listing all the key combinations for every game.  Now you can just pull up the game you want and either have a visual keyboard layout running while you play or simply print out the keyboard layout in a nice easy to read page depending on the type of keyboard you have!

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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro®

at AgenXtech® we use a number of tools and utilities to keep our systems running and online without hard drive failures and data loss.  One of the tools we very highly recommend is Hard Drive Sentinel® (HD Sentinel®) and Hard Drive Sentinel Pro® (HD Sentinel Pro®).

learn more & Download Free Versions at HDSentinel.com